Alpha is one of the largest GC/MS laboratories on the West Coast. All VOC samples are analyzed by GC/MS methods, therefore offering the highest level of accurate and precise analytical data. Also with the greater analytical technology afforded by the GC/MS systems, our data is less prone to false hits and does not require expensive confirmation analyses. Alpha's investment in state-of-the-art technology allows us to offer our clients high quality data at affordable prices. Alpha also maintains the latest in LC, GC and IC instrumentation.

Number of Instruments in-house/examples of method analyzed on instruments:

  • 12 GC/MS: VOC, SVOC, TCLP, TPH-G, VOC-Air, Screening, Alcohols & 524s
  • 3 GC/FID: TPH-DRO/ORO, Extractables
  • GC/FID: SVOC Screening
  • Agilent 7890: Pesticides, PCBs, PCB/Oil
  • GC/FID: RSK-175 Fixed Gasses
  • 2 IC: Anions
  • IC: 314 Perchlorates
  • TOC: 415.1/9060
  • ICP/MS: 200.8. 6020 Metals

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