Meet Our Owners

Alpha was formed by the following three industry professionals who today personally oversee all operations to ensure the maintenance of the original standards. In addition, they have carefully chosen the professional staff that has the same standards and dedication to our mission statement. These staff members are well-trained technicians whose analytical knowledge is reinforced by their overall experience within the environmental industry. This experience adds value for our clients and adds to Alpha's overall commitment to customer satisfaction.

ROGER L. Scholl
Laboratory Director

Dr. Scholl has extensive experience in gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy analyses of a wide variety of environmental and research samples. Along with Dr. Scholl's directorship of the laboratory, he is our primary technical representative for all groundwater and soil analytical projects. Dr. Scholl directly reviews most of the data produced by Alpha and is readily available to discuss the results with you. This attention to detail and to customer service ensures that the interpretation of the analytical data is thorough and complete.

Randy Gardner
Laboratory Manager

Mr. Gardner is a primary contact person at Alpha for project management, price quotes, and client services. Mr. Gardner has a thorough understanding of analytical methods and regulatory requirements for hazardous waste identification, Underground Storage Tank (UST) investigations, and fuel/solvent remediation programs. Mr. Gardner's background in business management and analytical science makes him an invaluable contact person for many of Alpha's clients.

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