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Many of our clients utilize their data to populate databases for a multitude of end uses. In an effort to help our clients decrease the need for hand entering the hardcopy results received from our facility, we offer a variety of electronic data formats. As there is generally no standard format that will meet all of our client’s requirements, we offer a limited ability to structure a specific format for each client. These formats range from a simple text listing of the analytes and their results, through a typical excel format of the full sample and QC data package, to a seven file package of the laboratory NEDTS result tables, or the six file package for California’s GeoTracker EDF criteria. These EDD files are generally created and EMailed to our clients several days after the hardcopies of the results have been faxed. This allows for client feedback and corrections prior to the creation of the EDD file(s) and the subsequent population of the client’s database.

Alpha Analytical can provide data in most Electronic Disk Deliverables (EDD). We currently offer:
(programming fees may apply for client-specific formats)

• Standard EDD (Excel format)
• EDF (Geotracker)
• Client-specific EDD (Excel format)
• PDF of Reports
• Equis