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Roger L. Scholl, Ph.D.

Dr. Roger Scholl, AAI’s in-house laboratory testing expert witness, is available for complex and diverse forms of legal action and or regulatory hearings.  Whether the subject includes chemistry, biological sciences, environmental engineering, or toxicology, a Ph.D. level laboratory expert witness may be a requirement to reaching a successful outcome.

Dr. Scholl is an overall laboratory operations expert with over 30 years of experience and is a valued asset in providing expert opinions for cases involving the procedures and regulatory requirements involving testing and handling of hazardous materials.

Dr. Scholl is well versed in the required laboratory equipment needed in each the environmental testing industry in what it takes to meet the specifications to fulfill the regulatory framework and quality controls needed to comply with the environmental regulations and standards at the core of a potential lawsuit.

Dr. Scholl and others at Alpha Analytical have spent more than thirty years providing attorneys with the most qualified of expert opinions. Call our office or fill out and submit an expert request form to hire a credible laboratory testing expert witness for your case.