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Alpha Analytical, Inc. Provides Testing Support for Waste Management Services

Landfills are designed to manage waste while protecting the environment from possible contaminants present in the waste it contains.  Despite well-engineered controls, landfills pose pollution risks to the environment.  The main environmental concerns for landfills are leachate and Landfill Gas (LFG).  Leachate is formed when rainwater filters through waste in the landfill, drawing out chemicals or hazardous constituents from the facility into the surrounding groundwater.  Microbial breakdown of landfill waste produces a gaseous byproduct of which, methane is the main concern.  The combination of methane and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) coming from the waste itself are called Landfill Gas (LFG). The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) requires landfill facilities to monitor for environmental pollution threats originating from the facility.  Testing requirements can cover more than 200 constituents including LFG, VOCs and metals.  Methods include Toxicity Characterization Leaching Procedure (TCLP), Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP), and Deionized Water Waste Extraction Test (Di-Wet).

Regulatory Monitoring Programs

To prevent environmental impact from landfills, RCRA requires nearly all landfill owners to perform detection and assessment monitoring to ensure leachate containing hazardous constituents does not migrating into surrounding groundwater.  Detection systems are designed to monitor the area immediately surrounding a landfill facility on a periodic basis to detect any contaminant release into the environment.  If any constituent is detected above established background levels during detection monitoring, the facility must begin a more rigorous assessment monitoring program to assess the extent and migration of any contaminants detected.  Once a full assessment has been made, a corrective action plan will be implemented to prevent further release to the surrounding environment. AAI provides site specific testing in support of waste management compliance programs.

Support for Landfill Regulatory Testing Requirements

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Alpha Analytical Inc. (AAI) provides testing support for landfill facilities in their efforts to meet RCRA regulatory requirements. AAI is a full-service laboratory, providing sample kits, courier services, project specific analyses, detail-oriented project management, and unmatched customer service.  In addition, AAI provides data reports or Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD) in a user-friendly format.  Clients have access to data 24/7 through our web portal making data access easy and secure.

Testing & Support