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The Omega Database

Databases occur in various formats and structures. Alpha Analytical, Inc. employs a database structure called Omega (created by The Khemia Company in Colorado) which utilizes Microsoft Access and Visual Basic Five. Through the interconnected tables, queries, forms, and reports, Omega allows for the complete entry and compilation of all aspects of the analytical portions of the laboratory’s daily routines. During the sample receipt process, each client’s sample set is linked to a work order number that allows for a systematic tracking of the samples throughout the many separate processes involved in producing the final product. This process can also be used to link a client’s sample stream to prior quotation and client provided requirements (SOW – Statement Of Work) to provide consistency in analytical reports. With the electronic processing of the analytical information, additional reprocessing and reporting of previous data at some future date becomes tied directly to any past processes to create a structure of data integrity. Omega continues to be upgraded and refined in an effort to provide our clients with the most secure and reliable results possible.